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The ghost of the Constructive Criticis…mas Past

The festive period – a mixed bag of experiences.

Joyous memories of great conversations mixed with less pleasant, unsolicited opinions or advice from well-intended sources.

In vino veritas they say…

And we, the said lucky receivers of constructive criticism, sandwiched only between a starter and a main course. At times sweetened with reasonable intakes of chocolate or wine…

And so, it shall pass…until next Christmas. Or will it?

When we draw the line, however well or ill-dressed it may come our way, feedback is still valuable information we can choose to do something with.

What if, instead of simmering in self-pity for another year, we use this opportunity to decide what will work better for us in the year to come? I’m not talking about ambitious resolutions, likely to end up under a pile of more urgent and important stuff.

It’s the small things that we can do to improve our approach and outcomes.

The most taxing pieces of information are the ones we don't use to make a difference. Stuck in a cycle of poor decisions- with money, relationships, or work. Unable to overcome fears and our sense of inadequacy. Second-guessing outcomes before we even try.

This bit is normal. But it doesn't have to become the norm. To improve the odds, reach for substance. To feed thoughts, emotions and money conversations with what's needed to enrich perspective, grow or thrive.

What could this look like for you in 2023?

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