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Reset your money conversations

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou knows nothing.

But to create world-class tennis players. Sports legends. Champions.

So what's his secret?

A man who hasn't set sail to become a #coach.

And therefore didn't get to learn traditional sports coaching.

In the presentation video that preceded Simona Halep's Wimbledon semifinal on BBC, we get a glimpse of his #secretsauce.

He says 'I didn’t know anything. And because I didn’t know anything, I had to #learn the #player. When I understand perfectly my player I am happy to #help him or her become, potentially, better than before.'

He doesn't mention any of the big GOALs and the clever HOWs.

He mentions #desire, #passion for the game, work #ethics, and keeping the 'flame' alive despite hardship. Which, he adds, is already in there. Inside the player.

His job - getting the player to #see it, to #experience it, to #Trust it

Knowing is not doing.

Unless you're able to dig deep and find the true #motivation and #commitment to take the next step.

All too often people walk into a #money conversation holding a bank or a pension statement tight, hoping it's the key to their #financialfreedom. A problem to be solved by the money...person.

Only to discover in the process that freedom comes with enjoying being in the #game, making #decisions, putting money to work with a credible #purpose, knowing and trusting themselves and what's important to them to #livewell, above everything else.


If you want to change your experience with money, put the statements away and reset the conversation. Let's Start with YOU.

Happy Friday! Enjoy tennis!

And here's to a #happymoneymind.

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