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Navigating the Black Friday Frenzy: A Guide to Financial Resilience

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The Black Friday frenzy is about to kick off with a BANG!

Much like the dazzling fireworks earlier this month, it can be a mesmerizing spectacle.

It may also blindside your finances.

Ready to navigate the discounts without losing sight of your financial goals?

3 easy steps for good decision-making

1. Manage your emotions first


Truthfully, Black Friday is not a day, nor a week. It has already been on your radar - lurking in your inbox. Creating subtle shifts in your awareness. Sparking curiosity.

Retailers seem to have mastered the secret formula to Joy.

Is it a new gadget? Or two. ️Or a cozy sofa. Oh, and another thing…

All at a jaw-dropping discount. With a side lifetime subscription to daily reminders on how to top up happiness levels.

Dark, cold November evenings are hardly the best time for financial decisions.

Before you reach for that cuppa and snuggle under a warm blanket, ready to scroll your low mood away.

Everyone seems to have an idea about what brings you Joy. But do you?

2. Now time for some positive conditioning – manage your trade-offs


The Talk Money Week may be over, but hopefully, the echoes linger on.

Perhaps unsolicited YET sensible advice.

Compelling us to question the real impact of our daily money decisions.

What does saying Yes to that purchase achieve?

✔️Satisfaction – it’s important, urgent, and beneficial

✔️Long-term value – it contributes positively to your wellbeing

✔️Opportunities – it aligns with your goals, keeping your options open for the future you want

3. Switch on your Practical mind

Who is really deciding your needs this Black Friday?

You can choose. Your wallet, your rules!

Take the reins by gaining clarity - make a list of necessities and understand their purpose.

Stay in control - ensure every purchase aligns with your life goals and well-being.

Reclaim your confidence - keep your Options by sticking to your budget, managing debt, and keeping your savings on track.

Bonus tip_Navigating Chaos

Feeling overwhelmed by the sea of 'Best deals'?

✔️Tame the chaos with price trackers like Pricerunner or CamelCamelCamel.

✔️Quieten the noise by unsubscribing from newsletters.

✔️Reach out. Talk - life and money. With a friend or your financial coach, if you have access to one.


As you enjoy that cuppa, snug under your blanket. With the November rain in the background. Choose differently.

Opt for a happier, debt-free January, by making informed decisions and smart choices.

Today and every day.

📩We're here for you!

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