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FOMOh dear.... It's Black Friday season!!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Whether you’re a Black Friday fan - or not, it’s a pretty intense time of year.

Practical and ‘logical’ decisions seem to fly out the window when Black Friday rolls around and we’re off riding the FOMO rollercoaster! All those ‘too-good-to-miss’ deals have us spending money at a click of a button. And, perhaps, leaving you knee deep in money worries.

No judgement – I’m as susceptible to this human fear of ‘missing out’ as you are, and just as enticed by the deals spamming my social media accounts. Retailers are SO good at getting into our pockets!

So here’s a tip on how to create some space between those buying impulses and purchases so that you can make better spending decisions – focus on what fills your wellbeing cup!

These 5 steps let you enjoy the Black Friday waves whilst keeping well and financially healthy.

Take a look…

Here’s to a healthy money mind!

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