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Day 9 - Clean pants

One day at a time.

Starting with clean pants may seem trivial.

Sadly, it's a luxury for many who struggle to get out of bed to face another day. Feeling vulnerable under the weight of responsibilities. Overwhelmed by money decisions.

My guidance - Begin with small steps.

Find solace in the little victories.

Even if it's just tending to personal hygiene.

Refreshing your body can also work for the mind, providing a momentary escape from the chaos of thoughts.

And then, perhaps consider some or all of the following:

Break things down. Prioritise based on risk and impact (Now, Soon, Later).

Deal with the Now. One decision at a time.

Automate wherever possible – bills, repayments, fees.

Less decision-making means less stress.

Waste not – your time, energy, or money.

Let go of anything that diminishes your capacity and well-being.

Delegate tasks. Your breakthrough might be just an email or call away – to your bank, a debt charity, a friend, or a coach/adviser.

Banish the "Shoulds" from your language.

They often carry unnecessary weight, breeding shame and guilt.

Simplify – it's okay to aim for less.

The harshest judgments usually come from ourselves.

Try again. Don't let past decisions dictate your future success.

Use your wisdom to embrace new opportunities.

What can you do today to reset and break free from money anxiety? Today and every day?

📩 If you're interested in bringing financial education to your home, organization, or community, let's chat!

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