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Day 24 – T’was the night before… Joy

Christmas holds a unique magic.

It's a time not just for giving but also for testing our ability to receive and experience joy.

Joy. A precious emotion.

Often well hidden in our blind spots.

A gift that comes from within. That carries us beyond the haves and not haves.

The birthplace of creativity, resilience, wisdom and wellbeing.

Possible with intention and practice.

What better time to initiate this practice than during the festive season? And beyond?

To guide us on this journey, let's unwrap the G.I.F.T. of Joy.

Four steps to cultivate and embrace Joy in our lives.

G – Gratitude

Letting go. Trade expectations for appreciation.

Take a moment to reflect on the things you are thankful for. Gratitude opens the door to joy by shifting our focus from scarcity to abundance.


Being curious. Be open to learn more, starting with yourself.

What’s important for you and yours? Seek inspiration from within, exploring your passions and aspirations.


Extend kindness, starting with yourself. Forge a compassionate relationship with your finances, understanding that money management is a learned skill. Strive for progress, not perfection.


Embrace the present moment, recognizing that every little choice counts. Stand tall in the face of challenges, taking small steps. One at a time.

Define your version of "Enough" and trust it to guide your choices and decisions.

But most of all enJoy being the unique, special, YOU.

Recognize the significant impact you make on those who appreciate and value you. Today and every day. Regardless of the season.

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