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Day 23 – Twelve Drummers Drumming … Trust

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

What have you failed at this year?

The countdown continues!

On the twelfth day… it's a reminder that the holiday season is more than just material gifts.

It’s also about approaching our financial lives with a sense of rhythm, discipline, and harmony.

Success can be empowering. But equally, power comes from studying failure.

As we look back on the year's challenges, both personal and financial, we gain insights into the clarity of our thinking. Our confidence to face adversities. And our resilience to bounce back.

It sustains us and our wellbeing by building Trust.

Trust in ourselves. In others. In our environment. In the systems around us.

Trust. A feeling. Important for all things decision-making.

It overwrites fears, shame, and uncertainty.

Trust is flow, rhythm.

It energises, empowers, enables, and elevates – conversations, decisions, and actions. Taking money and mind to the next level.

How do we get to build, elevate and sustain trust?

Review – this season’s spending.

Once the dust has settled, take 15 minutes to review this season's spending.

Did you stick to your plans? Have you overspent? Analyse your choices - to inform your financial decisions for the coming year.

Reset – your aspirations

Reflect on your experiences and aspirations. What would you like to spend next year? Consider embracing cost-effective traditions like Secret Santa or setting a specific budget per person. Put your plans in writing. What would you like to spend next year?

Refine – your approach

Calculate the monthly savings needed over the next 12 months to meet your aspirations.

Open a dedicated savings account and commit to regular contributions. This disciplined approach ensures that you are financially prepared for the festive season.

Remodel – your process

Start saving early to distribute the financial load.

Automate your savings by setting up a standing order to transfer funds on your payday.

Test this against your budget and adjust if needed, ensuring other financial goals are still on track.

Very importantly - take joy from watching your Christmas pot grow! Every day.

Trust – a feeling.

Also a deliberate choice.

By learning from our failures, reviewing our decisions, and embracing disciplined financial habits, we can build trust in ourselves and our ability to navigate the intricate rhythms of financial well-being.

If you're interested in bringing financial education and guidance to your home, organization, or community, let’s start a conversation.

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