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Day 21 - Ten Lords a-leaping …The Story

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

If Money was a person...

The countdown continues!

On the tenth day… it's a reminder that the holiday season is more than just material gifts.

It’s also about connecting with our inner motivation whilst nurturing our relationship with money.

Watching the paint dry... there's something magical about it. Believe it or not.

An old house that survived both wars and the world after- with dignity.

Turned into a bakery by the Germans. Torn apart by the Russians.

A post-war school for the village.

The only thing left after the Communists took EVERYTHING.

My first memory of home.

My school summer holidays destination...

My go-to, even after she's long gone. To feel inspired and connected.

In a world of change and uncertainty, my grandmother found her way to take control back- by addressing every crack in the walls and painting over it. Every summer.

Whilst humming old tunes, now carved deeply into my soul.

Fresh in my ears, as soon as I step through that gate and walk to the front door. The smell of fresh paint triggers fond memories. In me.

For others, it's chaos, dirt, disruption, inconvenience plus a long list of Thou-Shall-Nots You may have similar stories - perhaps triggered by the smell of food, sound, taste, or touch. That fills you up with positive curiosity ... or dread.

Money is just the same. It bears deep emotions and evokes memories of our pasts.

This then translates into how we approach money decisions - (unapologetically) wanting more of, or unconsciously pushing it away. Becoming a student of your Money Story

If you cannot explain what's holding you back from having a more comfortable experience with money and feel you've exhausted all avenues, perhaps it's worth becoming a student of your money story.

Investigate your thoughts and feelings triggered by money, wealth, or wealthy people.

And understand what personal 'Shall Nots' may trip you up. Just imagine

If Money was a person and came to dinner... what would it look, sound and feel like?

Would you welcome it into your life and want more of its company? Or not?

How did this show up in your approach to money this year?

Take a leap of faith: take notice, nurture and reimagine your relationship with money. Today and every day.

If you're interested in bringing financial education and guidance to your home, organization or community, Let's chat!

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