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Day 20- Nine Ladies Dancing… Checkpoints

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

What do you need to let go of?

The countdown continues!

On the ninth day… it's a reminder that the holiday season is more than just material gifts.

It’s about acknowledging life and financial cycles, creating space to process and seek closure to manage sources of stress and anxiety.

And move forward.

Walking. Climbing. For Hours. That feels more like days.

Changing weather, and landscape.

Scared to look up. Too late to go back. 

Slipping. Falling. Up. And again.

What was I thinking?

Checkpoint. Breathe. Celebrate.

Heal. Hope. Plan. Again. Stronger.

My memory of the Trailwalker hike.

My memory of life and money.




And Checkpoints – a must.

Safe spaces where you can be vulnerable, reset.

Important to grow and keep going.

At a healthy pace.

So, make sure you schedule checkpoints.

To reset and plan your life and finances.

Allowing for flexibility whilst keeping the focus.

Review – where you are – what works; what’s hurting your cashflow; what’s limiting your options, process emotions and reflect on setbacks

Reset – your expectations – your spending assumptions; your debt repayment; your savings or investments plans, take learning forward

Refine – your approach – future proof through life, health, income or assets insurance; know your value; pay yourself first; save your salary increases;    

Remodel – your decision-making process - upskill through coaching or mentoring; automate payments; optimise; switch to smarter solutions


Most importantly - be kind to yourself.

Positive or not - Change takes time to adjust to; especially when money's involved.

It's also temporary.

Take control by standing in your own truth.

All the while adapting plans and resources.

Calibrating pressures and adjusting your approach to edge closer to your desired outcomes.

At a healthy pace - with money and mind.

Measuring and celebrating progress.

Knowing that each challenge is not an end point, but a continuum – helping you become the best you can be. With life and money.


Checkpoints. A must.

To Breathe. Heal. Hope. Plan, Again. Stronger. Today and every day

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