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Day 2 – Informed decision-making

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, are you likely to have what you’ve always had?

Would this take you closer to the person you want to be(come)?

In life and with money.

Christmas is a good time to (also) press the reset button on personal money conversations.

An opportunity to lower your anxiety levels by taking control of your finances.


Laying the stepping stones you Need, to make the progress you Want - in 2024 and beyond.

So grab that pen and paper and start exploring what can inform better financial decisions:

Review: Life Today. Starting with earnings and spending habits.

Any opportunity to create positive change? To broaden your options and choices.

Reset: Aspirations and expectations. What's important, urgent and beneficial? Today. What do you need - to survive? What do you want - to grow and thrive?

Refine: Your approach. With life and money. Factor in change. When life’s in motion, money is in motions. Be kind with yourself. Try again. Ask for help.

Remodel: Your behaviour, habits, processes. Keep your plans flexible, agile, yet focused. Adapting your strategies. Daring to be bold. Taking manageable risks along the way. Delegate. Eliminate. Collaborate.

Opt for a happier, debt-free January, by making informed decisions and smart choices.

Today and every day.

If you're interested in bringing financial guidance to your home, organization or community, I'm here to discuss it!

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