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Day 13 – Two turtle doves… The Talk

"Just being able to talk about this with someone... I feel I can breathe... I kept this away from my family for so long..."

The countdown continues! The Twelve Days of Christmas has been a festive tradition for centuries. You may know the song, but do you grasp its true significance?

On the second day... it's a reminder that the holiday season is more than just material gifts.

It's about harmonizing our finances with our values whilst keeping commitment to consistent and responsible financial habits.

It requires discipline.

It also requires support at times.

Opening up about finances, however, can be a significant stressor.

"The Talk" is not just about money; it's about the emotional baggage that often accompanies these discussions – feelings of guilt, shame, and the fear of judgment.

The festive season tends to magnify these emotions.

There's a perceived pressure to meet certain expectations – Am I enough? Do I have enough?

If your version of Christmas cheer is causing financial strain, it's crucial to acknowledge it.

And discuss it. Avoidance can affect your financial health but also erode self-belief and relationships in the process.

It’s important to create a safe space for these vital conversations where vulnerability is embraced and seen as an opportunity for growth.

Here are 4 principles to carry S.A.F.E. money conversations 

S – Status: Stand in your truth.

Don't let limiting "shoulds" blindside you by making money discussions about yourself - you are NOT your money. Surround yourself with those individuals who value your presence more than anything. You know who they are. You ARE enough.

A – Autonomy: Reset your expectations.

Cultivate honesty, transparency, and accountability in your financial journey. Allow people to participate in your success by discussing your challenges, options, and choices. Seek help when needed. This will help you grow your confidence and bounce back.

F – Failure: Refine your approach.

Foster an environment free of judgment and shame. Acknowledge and learn from past financial decisions, turning setbacks into stepping stones - part of your journey to financial wisdom and money mastery.

E – Energy: Remodel your behavior and habits.

Take control. Approach money conversations with an open mind - broaden perspectives and explore new possibilities. Gently push your comfort zone by asking, "What if...?" Keep the energy in these discussions constructive, focused on growth and improvement

S.A.F.E. to Let G(r)ow - this can be transformative.

Two turtle doves... embrace the opportunity to strengthen your bonds and grow together. Today and every day.

📩If you're interested in bringing financial education to your home, organization or community, Let's chat!

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