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The real cost of independence

5 tips to go from Woe to Woooooooo!

The end of the school year is fast approaching – and you can feel both the excitement and tension in the air. Especially for the leavers.

Graduation comes with mixed feelings as they leave the old behind and imagine the future, often on the other side - the greener land of #independence . Do you recognise the feeling? Very similar as we experience different life stages. We consider #change lured by a sense of independence. The prospect of breaking free!! Free from being labelled, judged, or compliant – at home, or at work. We crave #options and #choices.

But effecting change requires commitment – not only to graduate from the old but to graduate TO the next stage, by pushing through fears and discomfort. Making informed decisions. It's not always straightforward. Because being dependent can become comfortable - even when it’s limiting. More so when it comes to money.

People can settle for financial dependence. This may lead to #vulnerability and abuse - when they surrender responsibility and/or their right to actively participate in #moneydecisions. Some time ago I had a very interesting conversation that subsequently led to a blog - now also available to the My Personal Finance Skills student community.

5 rules of thumb to standing tall and feeling empowered to take small steps toward #financialindependence as they transition into adulthood.

Hope this serves as a useful reminder as you, or someone else graduate to a new stage in life.

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