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What would you have liked to

know about money growing up?

Being good with money starts at home and in school.

​We believe that education contributes to developing a healthy money mindset and accessing that earlier in life can make things much easier in the future.

We're on a mission to help remove the stigma around money and emotional health and create a positive space to make financial well-being accessible to All.

Student Library

Stand out by improving financial literacy 

Give your students the fair competitive advantage they deserve.


We combine practical elements of money management with richer money conversations by including the psychology of money. This is about understanding how we make decisions and shape behaviours to get the results we’re after. At any stage in life.

We’ll unpack together effective strategies to help young money minds to put the right foot forward as they transition into adulthood– also by using money sensibly and constructively.

Mastery at your fingertips

In 5 steps

Reignite. Review. Reset. Refine. Remodel


Your motivation and sense of purpose


Normalising money conversations

Across the key areas of financial health to honour your needs and aspirations


Spending planning that works in real life.The key to sustainable financial health is continuing to create options and choices.


Understand change, financial winters, and everything in between.

Credit and Debt

Borrowing, cost or opportunity? Learning to

leverage the power of credit to create lasting value in life.


Money with purpose go further. Learning to plan for the things and experiences that elevante personal wellbeing 


Reap the fruit that'll sustain you long term. 

Learning to put money to work.

Make the progress you need. Faster

Decades of expertise distilled into practical and easy to implement solutions designed to help you take your Vision to the next level.

No matter where you are on your journey, this is designed with YOU in mind.

We offer a structured approach – a practical roadmap aligned with your school's unique requirements.

Whatever the stage in your school's financial wellbeing journey or the specific challenges you face,

You'll gain invaluable insights into the real issues, options, and choices available to you.

This strategic approach will provide you with newfound clarity of focus, bolster your confidence, and empower you to take your  financial wellbeing initiatives to the next level.

Students were very engaged in the session and found it very informative, they felt they learned much more about how to protect themselves and so did the staff.


Teacher, Secondary school following the  Financial Fraud workshop

We don't just talk about financial wellbeing,

We make sure it's in everything you do.

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